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Empowering Individual Choices at Ashley Gardens

At Ashley Gardens, we share a commitment to empowering each resident with the freedom to lead a life aligned with their preferences and values. Acknowledging the significance of individual choices, our management ensures a comprehensive Health & Safety Risk Assessment tailored to meet the unique needs of every resident.

Key Features:

Freedom of Lifestyle Choice:

We honour and uphold the right of every individual to shape a lifestyle that resonates with their personal preferences and values.

Access to Places of Worship:

Recognizing the diversity of religious beliefs, Ashley Gardens accommodates all faiths. St. Andrews Church, situated just a minute's stroll away, frequently conducts in-house services for our residents. Additionally, we are dedicated to accommodating any other religious beliefs upon request.

Attending Religious Services:

Residents are encouraged to attend religious services, either within our home or at external locations. All arrangements are made with careful consideration of Health & Safety Risk Assessments.

Transportation Assistance:

While we encourage residents to arrange personal transport, we understand that this may not always be feasible. In such cases, our compassionate staff, including key workers, may accompany residents on specific occasions, subject to staffing levels.

Privacy for Spiritual Meetings:

Residents have the right to meet clergy from their chosen denomination at any time, whether within communal areas or in the comfort and privacy of their own rooms.

Organized Visiting Church Services:

In collaboration with St. Andrews Church,  is located less than a minute's stroll from the home and they regularly provide in-house services for clients in Ashley Gardens and we would endeavor to cater for any other religious beliefs where requested.

Join Our Inclusive Community:

At Ashley Gardens Care Home, our commitment is to create an inclusive environment where residents genuinely feel at home. Embrace a lifestyle that respects your preferences, spirituality, and personal freedom. Your journey to a fulfilling living experience begins here.

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